Tonight, a longtime friend (since elementary school) invited me over for a potluck dinner to celebrate his upcoming birthday and watch the Grey Cup with him and some friends. Good friends and good food always make for a fun night, and the Montreal Alouettes’ win helped to ensure that everyone was in good spirits.

Still, of all of tonight’s enjoyment, I will take away a memory that has nothing to do with food, friends, or sports. While we were eating, the conversation became “philosophical” (as one guest so eloquently put it.) It’s been a long, long time since anyone accused me of holding back and, true to form, I spoke my mind while offering an example where I knew I likely had a minority opinion (I will elaborate in a future blog entry, I promise.)

What was so refreshing was the responses I heard. The people I was speaking with did not necessarily agree with my view, but they listened, considered it, and even acknowledged that my point of view, different from theirs, was an “interesting perspective.”

As we get into the heart of flu season, we are reminded about how contagious the flu is. Oh how I wish that instead of the flu, the refreshing, open-minded attitude shown by my conversation partners tonight was what was so contagious.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone (tonight and any day) who demonstrates such refreshing qualities. You make a difference in the world.


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