Somebody gets me

In a world where complaints clearly outnumber compliments, I have learned to appreciate the latter when I have the good fortune of receiving one. It is possible that I remember the one that was shared with me on Saturday night for a very, very long time, as it spoke to the heart of the person I am committed to being.

(I’m paraphrasing.. the people involved should feel very free to correct me if I have misrepresented them.) 

I was described as someone who welcomes opinions contrary to my own and who can be convinced to change my position. I take great care in making sure I am reasonably informed on a topic before offering an opinion, and it was mentioned that someone who wishes to challenge my perspective should have their facts straight because I respond better to logical, well-reasoned and factual arguments rather than to emotional ones.

Somebody gets me. I am so honoured.

Some people dedicate their lives to reducing environmental pollution; I am working to reduce bullshit pollution, and it’s all around us. I don’t pull punches and, like the umpire and referee that I have been since I was 13, I call things as I see them. I am honest and direct and, like has happened quite a few times on the field and on the ice, I will change a call when I am shown that I made a mistake because I am open to hearing it. There is something amazingly fulfilling and satisfying about acting in a way that promotes fairness and honesty instead of worrying so much about looking good and being right, even if that means that I am vulnerable and wrong sometimes.

Sure, I am opinionated and like to share my thoughts, but I see this blog as one of the many ways that I can learn new things and consider new viewpoints. But I won’t learn anything if you don’t share your feedback. So please, if you have a face-to-face conversation with me or if you read something here and you have something to share, please do it.

Agreeing with someone is nice, but it is so overrated. It is far more important to be able to share opinions in a constructive way so that everyone leaves the conversation better off from having participated in it.


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