Sing some inspiration

In your life, who do you know (personally or not) who you look to for inspiration?

Though I am obviously not part of this category (see “Dogged by Dogma”), many look to religious leaders for inspiration. Their views may be coloured by their religious beliefs, their perception of right or wrong or other archaic reasons. Some look to politicians or state leaders for inspiration, though many of the ones we know today are motivated by getting re-elected rather than speaking what they truly believe or sharing out-of-the-box views that can truly make a difference. There are many other categories of people who we look to for inspiration.

One such group that I tend to look to is singers. Though some choose to pretend they’re too cool for meaningful messages and create a “bad-ass” persona based on creating division, and others sing about topics as deep as a baby’s wading pool, many understand that, through their art, they have a unique opportunity to widely distribute their messages in a way that isn’t clouded by suspect ulterior motive. Sure, the more people like their work, the more money they make. However, artists know that the sounds of their music is often judged before the lyrics are. 

The power of music to widely deliver messages is so strong because it can hit you when you least expect it; when your proverbial guard is down. Often, people who enjoy a tune so much but miss the message because they are just relaxing to music and not actively thinking. Then, one day, after hearing or singing the catchy song over and over, they discover an unexpected gift the moment they are present enough to the lyrics to fully appreciate the message they send. 

I have always been one to listen to the lyrics of a song with great attention. I have stopped listening to popular songs because of uninspirational lyrics and, conversely, I have gained an appreciation for songs and artists I never normally would have because of their positive uplifting message choices.  

I must admit, I never expected Katy Perry’s music to be a source of inspiration. Until a few days ago, this world-famous musical artist was better known to me for the controversy surrounding a Sesame Street appearance and for revealing clothing than for her songs.

Her recent hit “Firework”, last night featured on the hit TV show Glee, very pleasantly surprised me. It is a true winner and a must-listen for anyone who is stopped by their thoughts or the situation they are in. I had heard this song a few times on the radio and never paid much attention. The tune was catchy and I would hum it to myself on occasion but because of who was singing, I never expected much more than just a nice melody. When I happened to watch the video, ( I got the message, loud and clear.

There are no doubt hundreds of other inspirational songs written over the years. Do you listen to lyrics? Which songs have moved you to action? Which songs have had an impact on your approach to life? Which songs have inspired you?

Share your song choices and let’s create a playlist that inspires. I look forward to your feedback.


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