Welcome home, Gilad.

While I question the wisdom of trading 1,027 terrorists for 1 soldier, the deal is done. Questioning, now, serves no purpose, so instead I rejoice in a brave life saved; a life of someone who stood guard to save the lives of his countrymen from unprovoked attack by people who vow to destroy them. 

We know who we are by what moves us.

If you are moved by the reuniting of a young ambushed and kidnapped soldier on duty defending his people, then you are on the side of righteousness, love, and peace.

If, however, you cheered the release of unapologetic terrorist murderers, I wish upon you, with the same lack of apology, the same fate that befell your heroes’ victims.

As long as we have this many people (and a world religion!) glorifying and revering killers who hide behind propaganda and insane stories of justification in the name of a desire for statehood, peace will not be possible. And sadly, that’s exactly their goal: to defeat peace. One cannot be peace-loving and terror-supporting, no matter what word you try to use to sugar coat the facts. If you put sprinkles on a pile of shit, it’s still a pile of shit.

It’s time to call it like it is. You’re either with peace-loving Israel or you’re with their murder-glorifying neighbours.

And if I sound mad, I am. Supposedly sane, normal, rational people are preventing me from living in a world of peace, supporting those who kill when things don’t go their way (remember the Mohammed cartoons?) and teach their children to fire a gun before they learn to read (http://tinyurl.com/6dmdpjd – just one of MANY). Yes, that makes me angry. It should make you angry too.

(Have you ever heard of a Christian threatening someone who drew a picture of Jesus, or a Jew threatening someone who drew Abraham or Moses. Ridiculous!)

Heveinu shalom aleichem. Bring peace upon them. Or we’re all in trouble.


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