Unleashed on the Middle East

I laugh in disbelief everytime I hear an anti-Israel activist explaining themselves with “but Israel is so much bigger, more powerful, and has greater weapons.” When a smaller, weaker bully keeps picking fights with you, and then running to the teacher (world media) at a certain point you just have to squash ’em. My parents always told me: “never pick a fight, but if someone starts with you, end it.”

The world has shown an unwillingness to judge this fight fairly, morally. As such, their opinions no longer hold any credibility. Israel must stand up for its citizens and its survival. Go in there, no holds barred, and crush any military target and weapons stock and warehouse you can find. Yes, there will be civilian casualties. It is regrettable but to be entirely expected when your military operations are launched from civilian neighbourhoods, from schoolyards, and from mosques.

Dear Gazans, you brought this on yourself. I am sorry that you do not have the right to stand up for your rights against Hamas, but you elected them. You chose them. You could have allied yourselves with the only real democracy in the Middle East, the country that actually believes in the rule of law, in human rights, in responsible behaviour. You chose the opposite. Now, live with your choice.

When Hamas fire kills civilians, it is considered an operational success and they celebrate. When Israel hits a civilian target, it is considered an operational failure and they investigate.

Who do you really want to support in this conflict? Your decision announces to the world which viewpoint represents your values, or if you even have any.


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