Has Garneau resigned, or is he?

Today’s news is that Marc Garneau has withdrawn from the Liberal leadership race. Apparently, he believes that Justin Trudeau has an “insurmountable lead”. Sounds like a pretty defeatist “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” move, especially from a former astronaut. Fight, dammit! If this is truly Garneau’s character, then I’m glad he’s stepping out, but I don’t understand how he can throw his proverbial support behind a guy he has previously called an “untested high-flyer” who has “failed to offer solid policy proposals.” I think Garneau is right on both accounts.

What I really think has happened is a bit different. I think that Garneau withdrew from the race because he has lost faith in Liberals. He brought up some considerable, pointed, factual criticism of Justin Trudeau and yet people largely ignored it. Most Liberals seem to be faithfully sticking by Trudeau’s side; a side that is full of supporters but devoid of specifics and details.

I think that Garneau has resigned because he is resigned.

Dear Liberals, please don’t vote for a guy running to be Prime Minister just because he shares a name with a previous one. Can we be politically deeper than that, please? If you truly listen to what this Trudeau is proposing, it is shockingly empty. It lacks any measurable or reasonable substance. He is being vague in a time where we must be specific in our direction.

Please, Liberals, if you are going to vote for this guy, at least demand that he come clean about his plans, in a specific way. Otherwise, you are ensuring that the Liberals will remain irrelevant to the political landscape. How’s that, you ask? Because if you don’t vet your leader properly, the other parties – and the Canadian voters as a whole – will.

Liberals: this is your time to shine. This is your time to show Canada that you are interested in putting your party back on a respectable track. Show Canada that you are more than just a name. Show Canada that you have turned a page, that you no longer believe you are entitled to anything, that you will work to serve Canadians and not yourselves, and that you will speak to what matters to our people rather than cutting corners and doing the right things rather than the easy things.

Ask the tough questions of your leadership candidates and raise the political bar within your party. A real comeback requires at least that much.


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